My climbing taster session - by Mary Newman

The only memories I have of rock climbing would be me falling off the wall after several attempts of trying to climb half way and eventually giving up. So, it was quite safe to say, the nerves were kicking in a little. However, I pushed those nerves aside and thought I would try [...]

College Guardians

Would you be interested in hosting an International Student? College Guardians is looking for families in the local area to look after children attending boarding school in the UK whose parents are based overseas.

New Malvern Shop website

Here you can browse and purchase a range of College and Old Malvernian (OM) merchandise, all of which have full descriptions and colour photographs.

Pure Strength - Our New Strengthening Suite

Pure Strength utilises our specialist strength and conditioning suite, where individual specific coaching will enable you to become stronger, faster, bigger and leaner. This will be the ideal class for the sports performer, or someone who wants to gain strength and muscle in the [...]

Super Camps

Activity day camps during the Easter and Summer holidays for children aged 6-14 years.

Wedding Showcase

We are delighted to present our first Wedding Showcase at Malvern College on Thursday 18th February from 2.30 - 6.30pm