CPF (Core, Posture & Flexibility)

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A 45-minute class combining Yoga, Pilates and science for general wellbeing, improved performance and reducing the risk of injury.

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A 45-minute session working on core, posture and flexibility to loosen those areas affected by long days seated or by running, cycling or swimming.

What to expect?

This class takes a bit of Pilates, some yoga, adds a bit of science and mashes it all together!

CPF is a constantly moving class which is designed to help you improve your posture, increase your core strength, engage your glutes and stretch those muscles which invariably get shorter with sitting, running and cycling, or through repetitive movements in your chosen sport. In this 45 minute sessions, there is a particular focus on hip mobility and hamstring length, shoulder movement and neck stiffness, so will have you feeling taller, looser and more relaxed by the end of the session.  

Who is it suitable for?

Sarah's Core, Posture and Flexibility class is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their mobility, posture and core strength. It is perfect for sportspeople who haven't found the benefits of Yoga or Pilates but want to introduce some remedial exercise into their weekly regime which can help to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. It is also suitable for those who find themselves in one postiion for long periods of time, for example people who spend hours sitting at a computer, helping to ease aches and pains, as well as improving overall muscle strength and posture.


This class is held on Wednesdays at 8.00pm with Sarah.


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