Swim England Honours Award

Swim England Swimming Challenge Awards are for young people working towards the latter stages of Learn to Swim Stages 8-10 of the Aquatic Skills Framework, with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours Awards available.

  • Malvern Active Swimming Pool

By completing this Award, you will have shown your ability to complete each of the following sections in the order listed without pause:

Section A

  1. Make a straddle entry into water of at least full reach depth*, swim 5 metres into a piked surface dive to retrieve an object weighing approximately 2kg from water of full reach depth*; carry the object using a backstroke or sidestroke for a distance of 20 metres, to place it on the poolside.
  2. Scull 10 metres head first on the back; complete a back somersault finishing in a back layout position; perform a roll to take up a front layout position; carry out a front somersault finishing in a front layout position; tuck and rotate backwards into a back layout position and continue to scull feet first for 15 metres. Throughout all sculling and layout positions, the hands must remain close to the hips and the feet must be kept together on or near the surface of the water.


Section B

Complete the following in a total time of 20 minutes without a pause:

  1. Swim 200 metres front crawl, 200 metres backstroke and either 100 metres breaststroke or 50 metres butterfly. A change of stroke may only occur every 100 metres (except for butterfly).
  2. Swim 500 metres freestyle during which surface dive twice head first and twice feet first; on each surface dive, swim through two hoops 4 metres apart without surfacing. The tops of the hoops are to be at least 1 metre below the surface of the water.