Functional Mobility

A class that focuses on body awareness and strength

Improve range of movement, strength and coordination.

Lily's functional mobility class runs on a four-week cycle focusing on shoulders, hips, spine, knees/ankles, elbows /wrists. The first half of class works on is full range joint movement (joint circles) and building body awareness, it also reviews where you might be compensating for lack of range in these movements within the body. The second part of the class focuses on building strength within the end range of joint movements. 

Combining these two approaches could provide you with more joint space and movement, and also more security and strength in that movement. As you continue the practices you will be giving your body more available range of movement without needing to compensate with other areas.  

Long term, these exercises will help towards preventing injury and improve performance in all forms of movement and exercise. 

Functional Mobility with Lily: Thursday at 8:15pm

Location: Studio


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