Etiquette for Lane Swimming

  • Please do not enter the swimming pool before your allotted swimming time.
  • Before entering the pool, consider the speed at which you are planning to swim and choose your lane accordingly.
  • When swimming, please allow faster swimmers to overtake you by moving to the side of the lane at one of the ends of the pool and allow them to push off before you.
  • When swimming, adhere to the directions of each lane. Posters are situated around the pool if you are unsure.
    • Lane 1: clockwise
    • Lane 2: anti-clockwise
    • Lane 3: clockwise
    • Lane 4: anti-clockwise 
    • Lane 5: clockwise
    • Lane 6: anti-clockwise


  • If you need to rest, please do so at either end of the pool and refrain from holding onto the lane ropes.
  • Please vacate the pool before your allotted swimming finish time. 
  • Please vacate the changing area within 10 minutes of your allotted swimming finish time.