Squash Club at Malvern Active

Squash courts available to members and guests at Malvern Active

At Malvern Active we have two fabulous glass back squash courts.

Running internal squash leagues all year round, as well as the Malvern Active annual squash competition in April, we meet every Sunday, 6-8pm (with a break over the summer).

Malvern Active Squash Ladder

1 Gary Gilburd
2 Martin Hollingworth
3 Lee Jay Burningham
4 Liz Barr
5 Gareth Oliver
6 James Beswick
7 Anthony Arnold
8 Jamie Adams
9 Nick Rogers
10 Will Bishop 
11 Jeremy Clarke
12 Oliver Parker
13 David Withers
14 Mark Bell
15 Adam Wharton
16 Ed Nash
17 Matt Watts
18 Katherine Eglington
19 Tim Hutchins
20 Jonathon Card
21 Mary Smith
22 Andrew Pielage
23 Dan Peterson

Our Aim

Is to promote and develop all areas of squash. Encourage all members to play, have fun and get fit while playing. We want to create a friendly environment and develop our squash club to compete at the highest possible level.

For the very keen squash players, we have a team in the Worcestershire leagues, which sees us play and challenge the top squash teams around the area.

We do offer a squash only membership at £20 per month with a £50 joining fee. Alternatively, join the club as a full member and use all the facilities available.

For more information please contact Jamie Adams on 01684 581681 or email at [email protected]